Due to photography and color printing processes, exact colors may vary.  Colors shown are approximate.  We recommend stuffing and inflating the actual balloons.

*There is an additional charge for all custom colors*

We will be up and running again Fall 2022.  Thank you for understanding.

TAS is still open during this time

Global Helium Shortage​
​Helium supply has always been a little up in the air (pun intended). With only three sources producing 75% of the world's helium, any disruption causes a significant impact. Currently, helium supply is very low while demand is growing.
Where does helium come from?
You might think we capture helium from the air, but it's actually extracted from the ground. It's typically found in small portions mixed with natural gas, then separated.
Who else uses helium?
Helium is very versatile. Besides making your voice sound like a chipmunk and filling up party balloons, helium is used in creating many electronics, medical devices, and even rockets.
Can I still use balloons at my party?
Of course! If helium is not available, we have other options. We can create a balloon arch or balloon wall with latex and foil balloons as seen in our Gallery – no need for helium.
We’re working to replenish the helium as more supply becomes available. Despite this helium hiccup, BDB is committed to helping you to throw an unforgettable party.Our Gallery, right now, has mostly balloon ideas that don't need helium.