We do Balloon Bouquets, large balloons and more.  Please to call or email  with us regarding the supply of helium and minimum orders.


Our talented balloon artists can build some really fabulous balloon art, and we are positive that we can create something that will perfectly accent your theme.



Coming soon....

Our Classic balloon arch never goes out of style. Let us add style to your party entrance. Get a magical spiral balloon arch that your guests will never forget.


We are BACK!

The centrepieces for a table can be the difference between a boring event and a fantastic one. 
If you have a special theme in mind, please let us know so we can custom design a unique centrepiece to match your needs!

Balloon Art



Take a look at all of our new and upcoming Organics that are hot right now. The term “Organic” has been applied to the latest trend in balloon art.  It is about free flowing designs. It replaces much of the rigid structure of classic decor. 

Grab & Go Garlands.

 Balloon columns come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors and styles.  From a traditional column with a jumbo balloon topper to an “explosion” column with long skinny balloons exploding out the top, we make all kinds of columns, big and small. 



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Updated January 2023,

Due to the continuing challenges of an unstable global helium supply chain, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) have led to a persistent tightness to the global helium market.
To compound the already challenging supply situation, the U.S. BLM will be performing repairs during 2019 and one of the world’s largest helium sources has an outage that is occurring right now. This will remove a considerable amount of the world’s helium supply from the market until the impacted helium sources return to full production mode.
At this time, we are uncertain of the duration of the disruption to return to full production of helium supply situation back to a more normal level.  As a result, our prices could be subject to increase effective immediately if we are able to get helium.
We appreciate your understanding in this matter.
~Boutique De Balloon